Do You Have a Cold or Allergies?

With many similar symptoms, it can be difficult to determine if your symptoms indicate a common cold or seasonal allergies. Take our quiz to get a better idea of what might be causing your sneezes and sniffles this season.

1. How did your symptoms start?

2. How long have you been feeling this way?

3. Where are you experiencing the most irritation or aches?

4. Are you suffering from a sore throat?

5. Are you experiencing a feeling of total aches & pains?

6. Do you have a fever?

7. Do you have itchy or watery eyes?

8. Are you experiencing a regular cough?

9. What color is your nasal discharge?

10. Where are your symptoms the worst?

11. Do you feel more tired than usual?

12. Have you been sneezing a lot?

13. Which of these describes your symptoms more accurately?


Quiz Results

You most likely have allergies

The only way to truly eliminate allergies is by eliminating exposure to that allergen. Seasonal allergens can last for several weeks due to consistent exposure to an allergen, whether indoors or outdoors. Many OTC medicines can help combat symptoms for the duration of that exposure period. Please consult a physician to discuss your symptoms and ensure you are correctly diagnosing yourself.

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Quiz Results

You most likely have a cold

Colds can be bothersome and exhausting, but typically, they do not last longer than a week. Some symptoms can worsen and become an infection. Please consult a medical professional for an expert diagnosis.

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Please answer all of the questions.