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Get the low-down on your allergies, cold, or sinus infection, and learn more about over-the-counter medicines and their ingredients with these helpful articles.

Indoors Doesn’t Mean ‘Allergy Free’

If it’s the middle of winter and you’re still suffering from the discomfort of seasonal allergies, you may actually be reacting to indoor allergens. That’s right—staying home won’t even keep you safe from allergies, since some of the peskiest allergy triggers lurk in a home’s every corner and crevice. However,

Furry Friend…or Foe

How to tell if you have pet allergies and how to avoid them. They are sweet, loyal, cuddly furry friends…. and they’re making you miserable. You and 15 percent of the general population suffer from allergic reactions to cats and dogs. Almost 62 percent of U.S. household have

When Medicine Hurts More Than It Helps

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicine is meant to make you feel better. But sometimes, due to adverse effects or drug interactions, it may make your symptoms worse. According to the FDA, drug interactions must be carefully considered whenever self-treating symptoms. Drug-condition interactions occur whenever someone with a preexisting condition takes a medication

Make Sure Your Medicine Is Actually Working for You

Various over-the-counter (OTC) medicines offer different remedies for allergies, sinusitis, or the common cold. It is imperative for consumers to identify their symptoms and understand which ingredients can help them before choosing an OTC product. In the case of the common cold, allergies, or sinusitis, various ingredients will attack symptoms